Single segment 34:26 glitch run just got posted at SDA

#1Elekid 34Posted 4/23/2013 1:01:58 PM

Seeing all of those Seven Swords makes me giggle.

After all of these years I still love this game, along with those of us who once dwelt here and those new faces who drop by.
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#2In2DaBMagePosted 4/25/2013 8:25:03 PM
I believe a faster (albeit tool-assisted) speedrun exists based off the Japanese version, which has a glitch enabling a monsters Counter ability to be sold for sick GP. I also notice a glitch in regards to getting a high-powered monster early in the game, which prolly isn't in the American version or else one of Alex Jackson, AMuseum, or Kaz would've caught and exploited it:

This game is really tough to do anything with speedrun wise legitimately, I must say, simply because in comparison to other RPGs of similar length, it requires a fair bit more grinding (getting 2 SMGs, even with the talk to Zombie exploit, really, really SUCKS to do.), and its not savestate manipulatable because the game uses a preset RNG a la Fire Emblem or Mother 3, which is really hard to work around. Also, you have the difficult decisions like is it worth it trying to find big groups in Edo to keelhaul to afford the good stuff in Echigoya's shop, seeing as Apollo and the route to Apollo may be hard without it(also applies to the Nasty Dungeon). A lot of planning would be required, and I'd imagine the Blitz Whip would get abused by a hardcore speedrunner. I'd imagine any serious record attempts would feature a lot of the well-worn glitches (Trash Can, Dragon Race) to get past the annoying segments of the game
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In2DaBMage posted...
I also notice a glitch in regards to getting a high-powered monster early in the game, which prolly isn't in the American version or else one of Alex Jackson, AMuseum, or Kaz would've caught and exploited it:

You're words are too kind, but the poison glitch exists in the (U) version of the game. I remember posters complaining they fought Arsenal during Edo (which is one of the results of the Poison-glitch). (Oops, the single run even takes advantage of this glitch.)

And while Japanese players have documented the effects of the glitch thoroughly (through a trip in the WayBackMachine), getting the desired result is still pretty random (you'd have to predict the next order of the preset RNG, which varies depending on GB model and emulator). Speaking of which, that single-run got pretty lucky on those Arsenal Cannon fights (doing just over 1000 damage per attack).

I think DamageInc or DWanderer did a "straight run" (no glitches) but it still took a few hours from foot traffic (walking about) alone. Using both the 1run and TAS as a guideline, and presuming it takes only an extra few minutes to get a Medusa in Ashura's Tower, beating the former fiend takes 15 minutes. Getting up to Apollo's world is another 15 minutes (without warping).

With glitches, worlds can be skipped, but that just leaves the party less prepared to the later fights. But without any glitches, we're subject to walking around the sizable Edo castle and relying on Taro to carry the boss fights -- the first ones who are immune to StonSkin -- unless the mutant Mirror can apply to attacks like Magnate's Tornado?

Going the distance, it becomes more important to skip treasures for speed, but if we're running away from fights, sometimes that treasure may be more important. Such as the Dragon Sword in Edo castle; it's on the opposite end of the stairs, but with it, a Robot can get a lucky critical against Tienlung. Which in turn can give you a Kusanagi that gets lucky against Fenrir (which can give you another B-level monster). And monsters will be all you get.

If you had a Robot, it will have a bare minimum of treasure-based gear. In Edo, you'll have to go out of your way for the Ninja Gauntlets and Dragon Sword, but these are almost required; the Samurai Bow,and maybe Hecate are along the way. In the Final Dungeon, the Karate and Sun Sword are in the open, but the NukeBomb and XCalibur are down alternate paths And if you're lucky, a Gungnir from Odin.

A Mutant may not the best choice to have tag along, The minimum fights before the last one -- BabyWyrm, Wererat (for Fairy), Snake (for Medusa), Woodman, Ashura, Phagocyt, Dunatis, Four at Guardian's Base, Ninja, Hermit, Venus, at least the Watcher, Hatamoto, Echigoya, Sho-gun's gate guard, Sho-gun, Magnate, Odin, Minion, Warmach, Apollo, Tienlung, Fenrir -- is only 26. That's about 400 HP and some magic changes.
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