Is this game supposed to be easy? or is my party overpowered?

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3 years ago#11
How does a solo work out in FFL2? I've done a few solo runs of FFL and the massive strength you can level humans and mutants early on makes it pretty reasonable to do. Not tried a solo monster, but apparently that's just annoying as you can only rely on Saw to kill the later bosses, and doesn't sound much fun.

FFL3 I can see being solo-able. With enough levelling you'd be able to outpace boss damage and take a few hits, though it'd still be a bit difficult I'd imagine for cases where bosses can hit for nearly a thousand damage.

How do you solo FFL2, though? The early fights I can't even see being very possible - a solo mutant might be able to blizzard/flame groups enough to get lucky and learn Cure, and level enough to beat BabyWyrm before you're pecked to death by Beak, but a solo human I just can't see faring as well. Robot solo might make it to Apollo with enough luck and massive stat tweaking, but I find it hard to imagine Apollo being beatable, even if you abuse the permanent Agi glitch or other stuff like Trashcan glitching. A Selfix wouldn't give you the HP regen to beat out the sheer damage Apollo and Arsenal can do, at least not in solo...

Would a solo monster even be possible, even if you allowed glitching?
3 years ago#12
Solo monster I haven't tried.

Solo human/mutant is a pain early on, but doable; you have to flee everyone except solitary Gang, fight them until they drop a Punch, then use it until it's strong enough to flatten BabyWyrm.
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3 years ago#13
After being stuck on Odin for 20 years I finally finished the game! (I have only been pulling it out now and then).

I felt like it was very challenging, my party was Male Human, Female Mutant, 2 Robots.

Great game!
3 years ago#14
This game is only as hard as you make it, imo, but it can be easy on a first playthrough to be ill-prepared by the time you make it to the Nasty Dungeon xD

I believe this game is more fun the second time you play, perhaps... and has high replay value for those who value the game! :p

An all monster group adds challenge, and I had fun giving my best equipment to NPC's who joined me lol. I especially enjoyed 3 monsters and 1 mutant though.

My current party consists of Hana, Taro, Lynn and Mask. Hana and Taro are humans, Lynn a mutie(!) and Mask a... -gasp- a robot!

I'm trying to hack my way to Edo with base stats and select equipment, but I lost my way and ended up in Guardian's world. It's fun fighting foes with such limited stats balanced by my favorite equipment.

Anyway yea. Replay value. You can make it harder!
3 years ago#15
I always wanted the guild system in FF2 and even 3(since the 2 mutants of your party aren't even in the story). I just can't solo with status afflictions lol. It would just bug me. I can't explain it.

..kinda like how it bugs me that my ffl3 Faye has a weird glitch image instead of a Class title >xI
3 years ago#16
One challenge I still need to finish is a 1 gold challenge (never spend more than 1 gold in the entire game at the one time it is mandatory to beat the game, play it with humans only that can't be refreshed at Inns for extra challenge!). I had a 4 human 1 gold challenge going (3 of 'em were blinded with no way to cure it in sight) before I accidentally overwrote it with another savefile, I think I'd made it to Venus's world as was sorely lacking in damage options...
2 years ago#17
I played a 4-monster party once upon a time ago. I was not able to beat Arsenal, sadly. That was the only fight I could not handle. I simply had no way to recover from all the damage that final smash attack kept doing.

The game that was on my Gameboy before the battery went ka-pooot was a 4-female human party. I have replaced the battery, but have not had the drive to start another game... Overall, the human females have one more stat. point than their male counterparts. I found that Agility is a very important stat. (They are all important, but I tend to prioritize Agility), since it can affect damage of certain weapons and it affects who goes first in a fight. The first one to have an Agility advantage would often given them a stats. advantage, too.

Also: To defeat Ashura easily, use 2 Punch(x1)'s on him. The martial arts weapons grow in damage the more you use them and their last use scores a huge leap in damage. Punch at 90 is pathetic, at best, but it does start to show some promise once you get it down to 60 or less.

Posting on here has got me back to thinking about playing SaGa2 again... :p>
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2 years ago#18
Hi. Since I posted my last post a couple weeks ago, I started playing FFL2. I decided to go with my strategy of 4 human females and focus on their Agility stat. first, so they get their attacks in before the enemies do. I have been playing this on my Gameboy GBA SP. I do not have a Game Genie and no way to connect the stuff to my comp, so cheating is not possible.

As of this post, I am in Apollo's World, just finished collecting all the MAGI there. My base stats. (not counting armor, etc.) for my characters are:

Rail - Human F / Starting Character
Str. - 17
Def. - 3
Agl. - 74
Mana - 30

Rail is so broken with her unusually high Agility level. Her Mana was 7 before entering Apollo's World. Walking around on the main overworld brought it up to 30. Pretty good catchup for the time I spent trying to get her defense up a whopping 3 points.

Shan - Human F
Str. - 31
Def. - 0
Agl. - 46
Mana - 43

Dana - Human F
Str. - 60
Def. - 0
Agl. - 31
Mana. - 26

Dana's strength really took off during the Giant World arc.

Yuma - Human F
Str. - 44
Def. - 0
Agl. - 42
Mana - 34

So overall, I have two average characters who can handle themselves in most situations and 2 powerhouses who can overkill anything at a moment's notice. I found by the time I reached Apollo's World, I had to start using spell books to get around the defense problems of some of the enemies.

Overpowered? You bet. :p I may post updates.
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2 years ago#19
I think you've been overgrinding. XD

Remember, there are 77 magi (so you can judge about how close you are to getting all of them), yet the cap for stats is 99. At this rate, Rail'll slam into max agi maybe halfway through the game!
My NES, SNES, and GB all work just fine. Why should I downgrade to a Wii U, PS4, or XBone?
2 years ago#20
I find it's better to level up on the overworld than in the dungeons. Sure, you get more money in those pits of evil with monsters, but I find it sucks for trying to build up your skills. I pulled over 10 of Rail's mana just from one Psi Dagger on the overworld. On a punch, I pulled in 7 agility. Somehow, there is science to this! :o

On the 4th overworld, what was going on was during encounters with one enemy only, I would have Rail use her Psi Dagger on Slot #3 and Shan would follow up with a Rapier on her slot #3. (Originally, Yuma and Dana's agility were lower, so Shan was often the 2nd one to go). 80% of the time, Rail was gaining a mana point. So, as a result of "Mana Up", "Mana Up", etc., in a short time, poof: +23 mana. Now, I cannot really do it anymore, because Rail's mana is too high and can kill some of them in one hit. D:

I think getting their mana up was a good idea anyway, since I will be tackling magical enemies very soon.
~ Kuro-chan. <- Everything you need to know about DLC nonsense.
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