Found interesting glitch regarding sho-gun

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2 years ago#1
Now this glitch may be due to an emulator I'm using, but I did enter some game genie cheats just to get crazy with the game. It caused a glitch where anytime I use a magic potion, after I click on who receives the potion, it forces me to fight sho-gun. Now part of my cheating was not defense cheats, yet nothing he seems to attack with does any damage anyways and he's still incredibly easy to beat (this is in ashuras world where the best weapons you have are SMGs unless you've powered up a stat and used something attached to the stat). After I defeat him, the character still gets the mana stat increase, the magic potion goes back into my inventory meaning I can still use it (and fight sho-gun) giving me one hell of a glitch. An unlimited magic potion supply and fighting sho-gun whenever I damn well please.

sidebar-sho-gun must be the easiest boss i've ever seen considering what point of the game you fight him in and your normal party power at that stage. (not counting bosses with cheap tricks like evrae altana and the 2 phoenix down trick)
2 years ago#2
Yeah... beating up old softie isn't exactly satisfying either.
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2 years ago#3
Well, turns out there's a glitch in the coding of the rom I downloaded. It screws up my game when I use the speed and power potion which I can fix using the magic potion. However, trying to use a jukebox causes a soft reset of the game, making this game unbeatable.

With this glitch, beating sho-gun is satisfying as it gives me another magic potion. The game is also unbeatable though so that's not worth the trade off
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  3. Found interesting glitch regarding sho-gun

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