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2 years ago#1
How do you all plan out monster paths? I know there is a calculator available on Amuseum's site, but it doesn't seem to help plan out an entire transformation chain without getting extremely complicated. I've thought about charting out a master spreadsheet, but it would insanely huge.

I'm working on putting together a single-segment, no glitch, 100% speed run of the game, and in the process of weighing all of my options for a party, I've realized it's going to tough to calculate which monsters I may want for certain areas and how to plan for each transformation within the scope of a speedrun. I'm just wondering if I'm missing an easier way to plot out monster evolutions throughout the game.
2 years ago#2
Normally I don't, with one exception: if you start the game with a C-type monster (Baby-D) and don't eat ANY meat until you reach the first B-type meat (which is rank 2), the resulting monster will also be a C-type... but virtually all C-types have nothing below rank 4 or 5, hence your monster will be rank 4 or 5. that'll help you defeat enemies fairly quickly (at least until your others are rank 4), and Ashura is definitely petrifiable.
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2 years ago#3
The transformation isn't as complex as it seems. If you pick a "goal" family, you can easily plot how "steps" it would take to reach it.

The simplest method is reducing the number of meats you eat to "1" (e.g. the Dragon + WereMan = Sprite), but the starting Imp (class-B, family 31) can reach the Sprite class (family 32) by eating a meat that gives +1 family... which there is none.

Note that each meat changes family types by +/- 3, 6, 9, 12, etc. So if your family was B, +/- 3 means it will turn into another B. That's where class-type comes into play. Eating a meat that's a different class-type than your current monster usually causes a slight change in family-type. So doing some maths... Imp can eat a class-C meat for a +1 family change, taking from the B-family line (1, 4, 7, 10, etc.) to the C-family line (2, 5, 8, 11...).

Back to the 2nd paragraph, a starting Imp needs a +1 change to jump from family 31 (Imps & Fiends) to family 32 (Sprites & Fairies). That won't happen in a single step, so you need to go up-and-down quickly. So let's pick a random "class-C" monster to get that +1 out of the way... say a Sprite (family -21)

Imp (class B, family 31)
+Sprite (class modifier +1, family modifier -21)
= Moth (class C, family 11)

From a Moth, you can eat Woodman OR Hofud meat (class-C can eat class-B or class-C meat without hitting a class modifier) to turn into a Sprite.

The issue with this line of math is... you don't encounter any class-C creatures until Guardian's Base -- a world WELL after Ashura's. In fact, that is why Baby-D is considered the most advanced starting monster -- it starts out as a class-C meaning if you eat only class-B monster meats, you remain on the class-C family-line... and the class-C family line is filled with some heavy hitters.
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2 years ago#4
Not true. You fight many class c monsters in apollos world just before guardian world. Big eye, raven, griffon, medusa to name a few. I think this is the earliest world. Seems to me that you fight a tree in ki but im not sure
2 years ago#5
Apollo's world was before Guardian's? Wow, my memory is faltering.
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2 years ago#6
yep. world 4 vs. 5
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