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hello what would you suggest for my party (Archived)cyan1001812/27/2011
Speedruns - Times and Suggestions (Archived)
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2 Robots and 2 Monsters (Archived)
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Is it possible to delete saved games without using a super gameboy? (Archived)LunaZero210/11/2011
does this game still save? (Archived)Tenchi UK210/10/2011
I've had this game for years on gameboy since I was a kid (Archived)Dark_Lawl1010/6/2011
1GP Run - Party Selection? (Archived)BareknuckleRoo49/1/2011
Is there a way to disable the screen shaking near the endgame? (Archived)BareknuckleRoo28/5/2011
The strange case of the Dragon Race (Archived)
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77th Magi (Archived)Hesacon28/1/2011
I can't believe it. 2011 people still playing this (Archived)
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Powerleveling stats topic (Archived)Azuredoragon45/31/2011
So, the remake never came to the States, right? (Archived)PrimalSeptimus55/15/2011
Neo FFL2 analysis (Archived)Ramza165/3/2011
Favorite/Least Favorite Worlds? (Archived)
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Mutant ability issues (Archived)taervek74/26/2011
Dragon Race glitch question (Archived)chessjerk24/21/2011
Final Fantasy Legend or Final Fantasy Legend II (Archived)crazyisgood54/10/2011
Brayze_II Monster Patch request (Archived)Blind Samurai24/3/2011
human/mutant growth and neoFFL2 question (Archived)
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