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About NeoFFL2 (Archived)Birk77774/26/2009
question *SPOILER ALERT* (Archived)rmcin32924/22/2009
Music (Archived)Coinspinner24/12/2009
necessity of upgrading weapons (swords in particular) (Archived)Ohmbience34/12/2009
question (Archived)Kingtrojan64/12/2009
Help with mutant magic. (Archived)XxCrazyFerretxX63/29/2009
Problems with the jukebox (Archived)Loris9033/27/2009
What does coin do? (Archived)HyperPeanut63/27/2009
Official site is up. Congratulations on 20 years of SaGa service! =D (Archived)
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Guess what's getting a remake! (Archived)
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Hm... the all monster challenge is dissapointingly easy... *spoilers* (Archived)killiancurse2143/18/2009
There's a SaGa 2 DS board now. (Archived)Saikyo Ki53/14/2009
Quick question (Archived)
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Just bought this game ***SPOILERS*** (Archived)Rej7238053/9/2009
Artwork question... (Archived)Zet12363/7/2009
Anyone got an always-run or no random encounters GG code? (Archived)killiancurse2112/23/2009
I can't believe this game is getting a remake. It's one of my favorite Square (Archived)darkqueenhelba102/22/2009
We're back up to number 2 on the Gameboy top ten message boards. :D (Archived)
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Which SaGa games are the best? (Archived)
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Game Genie codes for Seven-Sword (Archived)Huitxilopochti22/11/2009
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