collaborate on better walkthrough?

#1cmbaumPosted 2/14/2012 2:40:37 PM
I have lately been on a classic GB kick and this was EASILY the most pleasant surprise I have found on the system. I would put this in the ballpark of final fantasy adventure in terms of quality (of course, not quite as good). Much much simpler and easier to get into though.

I have finished the game and I believe I found all but 1 item. It would be nice to create a new walkthrough for the game that's much simpler than the one already up and is, well, actually complete. Anyone want to collaborate with me on putting one together? I could provide game details and could work on the format of the walkthrough if someone else could create the template (e.g. nice title, create sections). It would be even better if someone with experience making game maps could join in, as visual aids are probably best for a game like this.

Oh yeah, of course it would also help if someone who knows where all 15 darned throwing stars are hidden would speak up