New English translation released

#1OasisWandererPosted 7/10/2011 6:42:50 PM

Find the "Beyond Oasis (4) [!].bin" ROM, patch it with In the Gens emulator you'll have to enable "Auto Fix Checksum" in settings. Release notes:

"This is a simple but throughout retranslation of the game. The Japanese text was more formal and more expressive, and the storyline is slightly different. There is little to say besides that this is of interest to any fans of the game. There is no need to play the English version to enjoy this, obviously, but the changes are interesting to compare sometimes. The English version of the game was used for the hack, as by doing that there was almost no need for ASM hacks."

I've checked it out and it's an interesting rewrite - more faithful to the original Japanese names and such. Diehards have been wanting this for some time! Kudos to the translation team!