Thoughts after a 15-year break from this game

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I bought PS3 back in the early 90s and played it quite a bit. It was actually the first game in the series that I played. I thought the game was pretty good, although I didn't care much for the music. I beat the game several times, of course.

Fast forward to 2011. I bought the Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection compilation for the PS3. I figured I might as well give the game another detailed runthrough to see if the game was better, worse, or exactly as I remembered it when I was a teenager. I played through all generations with all possible characters. I was able to do this using the savestate feature right before the marriage option screen. It took about a week to go through all 7 stories. Here are my impressions, in no particular order:

1. Rhys's quest is definitely the hardest. You just don't have the healing power or firepower to deal with some of the larger groups of enemies, especially in the Weather Tower in Aridia. The Hoplitz/Leaplitz guys were really nasty.

2. I don't understand why some of the really easy enemies continue to make a presence in the later generations. Why in the world does Adan have to waste his time fighting Tsveidons on his way from Divisia or something? Not a good programming decision.

3. There are waaaaayyyy too many of those green and yellow spider-looking cyborgs in Ayn's quest. I must have killed more than 100 of those things when I wasn't even grinding.

4. Needlers make the game very, very easy. I bought two Royal Needles for Crys and kept those equipped until Lashute.

5. The dungeons really are boring and repetitive. They should also have more than one floor.

6. If you play Nial's quest, there is literally no need whatsoever to go to Draconia, the far eastern dome.

7. It's very frustrating to know that half of the caves in this game can't be entered at all.

8. There are really only two differences between Aron's quest and Adan's quest: 1) Playing with Aron starts you off at Dahlia where you can get the Aero Parts while Adan has to hike there, and 2) Kara > Gwyn regarding magic. I never noticed this bug before, but it's pretty devastating. I just maxed out Gwyn's Res ability since Gires would be useless.

9. I can understand Rever not working every time, but Anti? Come on...

10. I actually had the most fun playing as Crys. The lack of magic really forces you to be careful and also requires you to take Dimates with you in the dungeons.

11. There is very little difference in the third generation. You basically have to get all three parts for Wren, find all the Nei Weapons, go to Sage Isle, and go to Lashute. The only difference is how far along in the process you actually start.

12. I really did not like hiking around Frigidia to reach the towns and caves and Laya palaces, especially since I had to do it several times for each character.

13. I really wish Aridia had more landing strips for Wren so I didn't have to hike everywhere through there.

14. Some of the monster animations were painfully slow, particularly when they cast a spell. I hated Carder/Flopper and those spinning wheels and stars for this reason.

15. All of the endings suck. Really, they are all pretty bad.

16. Divisia is a pretty annoying town because of that dungeon in the middle of it.

17. Aron's quest is the shortest, and therefore the easiest to run out of gold with. I actually needed to grind to be able to afford the end-game armor.

18. Emels and shields are worthless.

19. The Pulse Vulcan and Ceram Shot are all Wren needs. Ever.

20. The battle music is really bad, especially the "you're winning and the battle will be over soon" music. Wow.

(more to come)
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21. There was very little character development in this game. The only possible exception would be Lyle.

22. This game REALLY needs a warp feature. I did not like hiking from Sage Isle to Skyhaven. The monsters were just getting in the way.

23. I would have rather had dungeons with multiple floors than one-floor dungeons set up like a maze.

24. I knew where Dark Force was, but it's still pretty cheap to place him inside a treasure chest. I wonder how many unsuspecting players got wasted because of that?

25. Healing magic and MAYBE melee magic are the only ones you need in this game.

26. I never was a fan of magic spells that had nonintuitive names. I know what Thundara or Fire 2 or Blazemore or Bikill can do. But Forsa? Nasak? Fanbi? That's really not necessary, especially since most of those spells don't even work.

27. Princess Kara is great. Warrior Kara is dreadful.

28. The dungeon with the Aero Parts is a disappointment because the enemies are easier in there than they are in earlier parts of the game.

29. Would it have been too much to ask for the programmers to build a small bridge between the old sages and the exit? What is the point of going through a stupid maze with no monsters, especially since you have to make that hike at least FOUR TIMES?

30. I wonder if some of the monsters were censored in the US version of the game. The Harpy/Griffin sprite looks like a winged woman in a leotard. Oookaaaayyyy...

31. There were a lot of monsters/monster sprites that I couldn't see because they were placed in areas that you really have no need to visit, such as Shushoran in Generation 3 or the cave west of Hazatek. What's the point?

32. Terminus is a wasted area. You don't get to explore that dome at all. There's an airstrip near one of Laya's palaces, so you just take that and go to Lashute with no problem.

33. Ryan is probably the most mysterious character. What ever happened to him?

34. Crys is the only character whose hair does not look like his mother's. I guess if you're mixing dark brown hair and light blue hair, light brown or gold is the halfway point?

35. If you marry Alair, Laya goes back to sleep in her palace. When Aron recruits her, however, her level goes all the way back to 1. That is bogus.

36. it possible for ANYONE to survive an attack from Gnasher (the purple dinosaur in Aridia's Generation 3) without being killed?

37. I never realized that the Executioner/Punisher/Torturer enemy has a monster's face on its chest.

38. Ayn and Thea have a cruel fate. I wish I could talk to them as often as I'd like, like I can with all the other characters and their parents.

39: Aron: Quick quest to the end with lots of healing power.

40. Adan: Reasonably quick quest to the end (but you have to hike through an empty castle dungeon) with lots of healing power, although not as much as Aron/Kara because of that stupid bug.

41. Crys: Very challenging because of limited healing power and a pretty long quest.

42. Sean: Awesome magic, but an even longer quest because you have to hike from Aridia to Landen.

43. Ayn: A long quest that gets annoying because most of the cyborgs are either Arachnes, Blinks or those large black and purple robots.

44. Nial: A generally fun and tidy quest, although Divisia Castle is a forced dungeon that only artificially extends the quest.

45. Rhys: A tough quest in which you might actually get a game over. Oh, and Nayl/Flayl sucks.

46. All in all. this is a decent game that unfortunately failed to live up to its potential. Having said that, it's worth playing at least once. Just stay away from Adan because it's pointless to play as him.
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Seems like a lot of nitpicking. Also, the music was one of the main things about this game that I liked. And, stay away from Adan? More like stay away from boring Crys. Though I'm going play through them all again, just for fun. Played through them all with the 360 version of Sonic's, but got rid of my 360. So, doing it again with the PS3.

Got Sean and Crys unlocked. Almost done with Nial's quest.

I wish the saves kept your time consistent, so I knew exactly how long it takes to go through this game once. I think it resets whenever you quit the game or something. Anyway, looking to take less than 10 hours for an average run. Maybe crop to 6, if I didn't keep making mistakes. I could easily see a TAS doing it in 4 though.
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36. it possible for ANYONE to survive an attack from Gnasher (the purple dinosaur in Aridia's Generation 3) without being killed?

Only if it misses. Fortunately their hit rate isn't the greatest. Gnasher's attack power is GREATER THAN Dark Forces! Think about that for a moment. Ultimate evil, menaces the solar system every thousand years < a tall dinosaur in the desert. Geez, the party should have just trained a few and set them on Dark Force. It would've been a quick & easy battle.
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zoogelio posted...

Only if it misses. Fortunately their hit rate isn't the greatest.

Wait, what? No one ever misses in PSIII, player or enemy. Only way to not have someone die is kill the Gnasher before it acts, which is fairly common as they are slow and have no front row protection. But if it acts before you can kill it, someone in your party is going to die.

Even with the pron glitch in place, where defense is in the 64,000 range, a Gnasher will still do damage - only about 4 points, but still! Nothing else can even dream of hurting that person.
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The Gnasher has 500 damage and IIRC, the second highest damage rate is 155. Due to how PS III computes damage dealt, 500 makes a monster deal almost 10 times as much damage as it would with 155.
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I got this with Phantasy Star Collection for the GBA a while ago (2004ish) but never got very far, unfortunately. I have managed to beat 2 and 4, and got 30% through 1, and maybe 10% through 3. Ah, well. Maybe sometime.
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Crystalgate posted...
The Gnasher has 500 damage and IIRC, the second highest damage rate is 155. Due to how PS III computes damage dealt, 500 makes a monster deal almost 10 times as much damage as it would with 155.

Is the monster with the second-highest attack rating Khalidah in the Lashute basement? (the green and purple lady) She was commonly bashingme for 80-100 DMG despite having the best equipment available.
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#9mr2Posted 12/24/2012 10:07:44 PM

top 10
500 Gnasher
155 Khalidah
120 Rulakir
100 Body
94 Goatking
92 Goatduke
92 Guardian
90 Goatman
89 Defender
88 Executer
#10CrystalgatePosted 12/26/2012 5:43:45 AM
Wow, I knew that the Gnasher had an absurd attack, but I didn't pay attention to the fact that there's also a huge gap between the second and third strongest random encounter. No wonder the Khalidah got a special consideration during the solo character challenges.