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Was there any RPG with a similar Generation system back then? (Archived)
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Issue with one of the game's main plot threads (spoilers for PSII and PSIII) (Archived)Skyway_Corsair69/21/2013
generation 1 plot questions (Archived)lambunny87/31/2013
The King... (Archived)Rose_Mage26/23/2013
Strongly considering remaking this game. Any interest at all? (Archived)Ninjamohawk74/9/2013
CONFIRMED - Solo Sean, no Pron glitch, no Force Shield is possible (Archived)Ragn_Charran24/8/2013
Thoughts after a 15-year break from this game (Archived)
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Just got this game from UPS. (Archived)Vexu192212/28/2012
POLL: Favorite World? (Poll)zoogelio412/24/2012
Warrior Kara's Technique strength (Archived)lserh411/13/2012
POLL: Favorite 2nd Generation? (Poll)zoogelio610/31/2012
POLL: What is your favorite Gen 3 team? (Poll)zoogelio410/27/2012
Patch to fix Gwyn Technique power bug? (Archived)lserh610/7/2012
Aron vs Adan. (Archived)akaste99/23/2012
Brand New Game Genie Codes (Archived)tony_hedstrom88/24/2012
Needlers make this game too easy (Archived)Shanks_McKinsey67/4/2012
Neigh-Sayer's Playthrough (MEGA SPOILERS) (Archived)Neigh-Sayer27/1/2012
Solo Crys - Redux (GENERAL SPOILERS I guess...) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Where is the "Royal Helmet"? (Archived)MonarchPaulos44/30/2012
Why no love for Needlers? (Archived)defaultluser94/22/2012
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