The gameplay in this game is awesome.

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9 years ago#1
How could it happen? The 5 year or so old "this was a great game" topic died. In memory of it I create this new topic to continue its legacy.

Long live Shinobi 3, great game then, great game now.
That's right, Stuff
9 years ago#2
Indeed, there was no reason to delete the topic. Shinobi 3 is easily my favorite of all the Genesis Classics.
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9 years ago#3
Oops, I didn't see this message (I was just looking at the title).

Yeah, like I said, I thought purges were after a month. I remember looking at the last post (April 8th), and thinking to myself, "well I'll bump it if no one posts in the next few days."
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9 years ago#4
Such a shame, such a shame. But it's death shall not be in vain. Shinobi 3 rules!!!
That's right, Stuff
9 years ago#5
My Dear D is an awesome track. Fun boss fight too.
That's right, Stuff
9 years ago#6
Any game that has surfing ninjas is awesome in my book.
9 years ago#7
yes, this game was the best of all the Shinobi series...
Lots of fast ninja action, good music, very very big bosses and well designed levels.
And remember... Joe Musashi rules!!
9 years ago#8
No question.
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9 years ago#9
What does "My Dear D" stand for? =?
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9 years ago#10
I'm not quite sure. lol. It's the theme for the gigantic turd-like boss at the end of Stage 3.
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  2. Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master
  3. The gameplay in this game is awesome.

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