I kind of wish the Big Arm fight was left in the Sonic & or Tails stories.

#1Thenumber1yoshiPosted 7/12/2012 3:45:16 PM
To be honest I actually kind of feel that there should be a better way to end the Sonic 3 portion of Sonic and or Tails stories than the laser boss, I know Big Arm was only thrown in Sonic 3 because of it being an incomplete game but I think since Launch Base is the part where Sonic 3 ends before going into Sonic & Knuckles that it should at least have a more challenging boss than whats at the end of the lock-on portion of Sonic 3, I mean I know it's in the Knuckles story but I kind of feel they should have left him in the Sonic and or Tails stories because it would also be fun to go back and fight him with Hyper Sonic because in the Knuckles story it shows that Hyper forms are unaffected by his grabbing move unlike Super Forms.

I don't know if there's anyone else who feels this way but I feel that you're halfway through the complete version of the game so there should be a better boss to end off the Sonic 3 portion before going into the Sonic & Knuckles portion of the complete game I just found the Launch Base Zone's boss in the Lock-on version of the Sonic and or Tails stories kind of anti-climatic also because I agree with one Let's Play I saw saying they had a huge cutscene of Sonic flying over there to the platform as the Death Egg takes off and it leads to a boss that is so ant-climatic despite there being so much going on during the cutscenes Sonic taking an egg-o-matic, the Death Egg lifting off as he makes his way in the platform where the boss is and so much detail and stuff going on just leading to a short disappointing boss which I why I wish they kept Big Arm in Sonic and or Tails stories.
#2MaetchPosted 7/18/2012 10:04:58 PM
The Big Arm grab only affected Super Sonic because of a programming bug. It's fixed in S3&K so that Super Knuckles (NOT Hyper) bounces out of the grab harmlessly.