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Which Is Better Genesis Or Saturn? (Archived)Gumball3615/23 11:14AM
The Grand Questions of Life: is this a 3D game? (Archived)hyakulegger14/8 11:56AM
Just ordered this complete with box and manual for 10 bucks! (Archived)NewportBox100s13/26 6:32PM
Sonic tunes on guitar (Archived)zimbolambo12/21/2013
Why does Sonic waddle? (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz21/2/2013
Just got this, and... (Archived)xXhakuhyouXx14/23/2012
Sonic 3D Blast: Flickies' Island - The Soundtrack Comparison Topic (Archived)quittaboi78310/8/2010
This game was actually pretty good. (Archived)WhirlyBird31917/3/2009
List of differences between the Genesis version and Saturn version (Archived)1234567890Chris16/12/2009
Did Acclaim entertainment inc. have anything to do with the SG of sonic 3d blas (Archived)spartain11714/20/2009
Saturn 3d nights controller to Genesis adapter? (Archived)spartain11714/18/2009
Favorite Zone? (Archived)psychohedgehog11/20/2009
Which version is this game? (Archived)QuietStorm75112/15/2008
Anyone else disappointed that there was no Super Sonic? (Archived)zhsonic28/29/2008
......What the **** did my brother and I do when we were little? (Archived)XxPiccoloxX48/9/2008
so.... (Archived)Drrust27/20/2008
This game murdered my thumb! (Archived)PatrickIngham14/17/2008
I claim this board in the name of Sonic Fans! (Archived)
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new prototype(s) of 3D found. (Archived)KyoKusanagi33/12/2008
whats the difference between the sat and gen version? (Archived)PSOGuy2522/21/2008
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