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Happy Batman Day!
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xx521xx2210/1 10:26PM
Just ordered this for $5 shipped!! (: (Archived)NewportBox100s14/6 11:42AM
Playthrough of the Game Gear Game (Archived)lordcloudx11/23/2013
Oh man, Bats' reveal at the end of Generation Lost :O (Archived)AnUndesirable15/6/2011
Batman (and WW's) coloring in Generation Lost #23 was really inconsistent. (Archived)AnUndesirable14/14/2011
Batman Inc. 5 was kinda confusing. (Archived)AnUndesirable13/29/2011
Had a dream where I was being chased by Batman wearing the 90s Catwoman costume. (Archived)AnUndesirable13/14/2011
Be careful, Red Robin. (Archived)AnUndesirable13/2/2011
Is it me or does Dickbat seem to get beat up and stuff a lot? (Archived)AnUndesirable12/19/2011
I alwats get confused when people use TDKR for the new Batman movie. (Archived)AnUndesirable12/7/2011
I wanna re-read the Batwoman run of Detective Comics. (Archived)AnUndesirable11/25/2011
Issue two of Batman Orphans was pretty much as bad as the first. (Archived)AnUndesirable51/13/2011
The Batman Annual was okay. (Archived)AnUndesirable112/9/2010
Comics today! (Archived)AnUndesirable211/26/2010
Batman Inc. (Archived)AnUndesirable111/21/2010
They're taking all the fear and mystery of Batman away. :( (Archived)AnUndesirable111/6/2010
Grant Morrison makes my head hurt. (Archived)AnUndesirable110/24/2010
DC is pulling a Reborn. (Archived)AnUndesirable110/13/2010
New Batman/Superman animated thing looks interesting. (Archived)VeryUndesirable19/30/2010
The Dark Knight Strikes Again - to read or not to read (Archived)AnUndesirable19/17/2010
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