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@AnUndesirable, ref new Korvac storyGreenLantern17327/29/2011
Saw Thor last night, the Captain America Trailer looked pretty cool. :OAnUndesirable15/6/2011
The Super Soldier annual was pretty good.AnUndesirable14/14/2011
Oddly enough, Bucky doesn't seem to be having a very good time in Russian prisonAnUndesirable14/3/2011
So Steve is gonna be behind a desk for most of Fear Itself? >_>AnUndesirable13/21/2011
Steve sure was attached to the Falcon in the reprint in the back of the one shotAnUndesirable13/7/2011
I'm getting more excited about the Marvel movies. :oAnUndesirable12/23/2011
So is the Red Skull the villain for Fear Itself?AnUndesirable12/9/2011
I didn't know Cap won an Eisner last year.AnUndesirable21/28/2011
Is Cap in Avengers vs. Pet Avengers?AnUndesirable51/13/2011
I didn't pick up that Korvac thing.AnUndesirable112/10/2010
Poor Buckycap. :(AnUndesirable111/28/2010
I didn't know Bendis decided Buckycap killed Hitler.AnUndesirable111/15/2010
Deja vu. The Return of Bruce Wayne is finishing after he's back in other comics.AnUndesirable111/3/2010
The Soldier Supreme In Der Reichstag's Fighting Forces.jimfish510/21/2010
Secret Avengers :|AnUndesirable19/25/2010
Nothing to say.AnUndesirable19/14/2010
Captain America (Steve) + Nova's helmet = Cap with boobs?AnUndesirable19/2/2010
I forgot to post this here. CAPTAIN AMERICA ASCII WOAHAnUndesirable68/1/2010
Ultimate Cap isn't as cool as he used to be.AnUndesirable17/21/2010
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