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the hardest game of all time
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Why do Surf City and Terra Tubes have the same music?Peter_1988/29 6:26PM
Funny video montage of us playing the game the first time in Coop! (Archived)NoPlanGamer98/11 1:10PM
What is your favorite Battletoads game and why? (Poll)
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It is possible to get more than 100,000 Points on the first stage (Archived)Peter_1917/12 4:30PM
The review system is flawed: (Archived)Mouser0537/5 6:16AM
How long did it take you to legitimately beat Clinger Winger? (Archived)
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critiques and theories, observations and queries (Archived)
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I hereby vow not to play any other games until I beat Battletoads! (Archived)
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I'm gonna play battletoads everyday until I beat it. (Archived)
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My god, I actually beat this last night. (Archived)
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Just noticed I have always played Karnath's Lair way different than intended (Archived)Peter_1993/26 4:32PM
Bad Cartridge? (Archived)SoundScape2323/21 11:47PM
Favorite level? (excluding Level 1 and 2) (Poll)Haste_243/21 6:26AM
I think i'm ready to complete this beast but (Archived)Kattfoder53/10 6:26PM
Is the rocket trick on Volkmire Inferno a glitch? (Archived)Peter_1962/10 5:17AM
This game is really addictive (Archived)
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