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To those looking for the Worlds of Power book... (Archived)TerryB80018/4 5:37PM
Sunsoft botched this franchise (Archived)Johnny_Ace15/3/2014
So is that story about this game in Game Informer true? (Archived)j_coat211/27/2013
POLL: Favorite Area? (Poll)zoogelio910/16/2013
Wait hold up (please read this I'm concerned) (Archived)slaterastle510/3/2013
Made an LP for this (Archived)Takahmasak18/29/2013
Needs a 3DS VC release! (Archived)ravenstarsinger28/16/2013
Does anyone else have great memories of playing this game? (possible spoilers) (Archived)
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Boss HP Values (Archived)The Admiral22/1/2013
Only now am I finally going to beat this game. (Archived)GreenChileSkept23/29/2012
WOOT for the list of the day!!! (Archived)dethaddr16/26/2011
Just finished the Japanese version, and, hm... no frog! No story! (Archived)Sirius24/9/2011
I'm wasted and listening to the soundtrack. (Archived)Szurkulet111/25/2010
So this and Ufouria... (Archived)ollicehunter19/6/2010
Is there anyway to save in this game? (Archived)Dmess8538/31/2010
Possible differences between NES and Wii Versions (Archived)GouGouSlayer17/24/2010
Online Streamed Marathon July 16th 6pm (Archived)HSGF_217/2/2010
Blaster Master - What is going on? Don't tap the glass. (Archived)cckcmain34/26/2010
So whatever happened to the speed run contest? (Archived)hotpiercedguy14/8/2010
Minor graphical glitch: Use the Thunder Break then pause and unpause repeatedly. (Archived)Notti63/17/2010
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