How do you get to the end of Skating?

#1superspudzPosted 9/1/2008 2:50:14 AM
in skating, i get so far and then theres a long stretch of sand. the character cannot jump over it because its too long, and you cannot crawl through it because you trip halfway through no matter how slow you go.

ive been trying to beat this for 20 years!
#2superspudz(Topic Creator)Posted 9/1/2008 4:46:09 AM
hmmmmmmmmmm ..............well... if you go to "compete in some events" you will get 3 chances, meaning you can fall down 3 times before you are eliminated. BUT! if you get to the end (long sand trap) with all 3 chances left, it says "GAME OVER"!! even though you have some chances left, the character WONT get up. which means that the "long sand area" is the end.

also, you notice it IS possible to land on sand without tripping, if you are going slow enough. if you jump at perfect slow speed, at the "final crack" (spot where you trip) the character will stop, remain standing upright for 2 seconds, then fall down. the "last stretch" is programmed so you ALWAYS fall down.

these factors lead me to believe that the "long sand area" is indeed the end of the course. i suppose the programmers were too busy smoking California's finest crack to notice. its not uncommon for nes games to be so #%$& HARD though, ever played topgun, ninja turtles 1, megaman 1, or silver surfer..........jesus!!!!!

a large portion of my youth was misspent trying to master california games. i remember at the time it caused me no end of frustation. why they would end a game/round like that is beyond me. you can even see a beach ball at the other end of the long sand. but i suppose if you look at "flying disc" event, you cannot see the end of that cource either.