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Wait...he went WHERE?!? (Archived)KamikazeJohnson29/3 8:51PM
hargon castle how to get past first floor (Archived)donovan65129/3 8:42PM
Dam key (Archived)
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Ice Gargoyle138/15 2:02AM
Getting to the Cave of Rhone (Archived)Gvitaleii27/19 3:35PM
Avoiding dakuten markers for Prince/Princess names in the Japanese version (Archived)Peter_1917/10 6:44AM
Does Anyone Have Any Info on the A.I. in This Game? (Archived)FionordeQuester56/29 2:07PM
Strange area with blue mountains? (Archived)Ice Gargoyle35/25 5:49PM
Moon crest question iOS (Archived)djalexb54/14 11:57AM
ACTUAL PICS & PROOF OF MYSTERIOUS HAT! Only took me 25 years!!!! (Archived)esco198043/30 3:31PM
Midenhall solo (IOS) (Archived)firedemon 260073/1 1:08AM
How would the plot have been affected... (Archived)GlobalStrategy21/25 9:39PM
My quest of beating all NA JRPGs in chronological order (#3 Dragon Warrior II) (Archived)BasesLoadedWalk51/23 7:08PM
Hargon Castle's Inn Trick? (Archived)AlwaysLeftAlone612/30 8:21PM
Terrible puns and inappropriate lines (Archived)the_quickness511/17 3:24AM
Can't access Rhone (iOS) (Archived)Ensign83311/1 2:15AM
Hmmmm....Hardest RPG? (Archived)DannyAIC710/23 12:06PM
The Thunder Sword Location Hints (Archived)railroads39/11/2014
I must say I really like the non-linear aspect of this game (Archived)Peter_1938/25/2014
DW2 on an emulator (Archived)Zenigard68/10/2014
Staff of Thunder boss bug on the SFC/SNES game? (Archived)GenericJoe17/26/2014
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