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How do I make it so i don't have to keep pressing "A" during battles? (Archived)BasesLoadedWalk56/28/2012
Another remake of this game? (Archived)RealmofDarkness46/19/2012
save states you can send me or google doc for me (Archived)mnttlrg26/6/2012
Interesting questions for an NES speedrun... (Archived)
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Golden Claw encounter rate (Archived)mnttlrg35/25/2012
The World of Darkness. (Archived)
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poison needle / poison moth powder / luck stat (Archived)mnttlrg35/23/2012
Hero crazy spell trick at beginning of the game.... (Archived)mnttlrg55/18/2012
What is your typical party? (Archived)Moogle_Master85/18/2012
Enemies who call for reinforcements (Archived)
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Quick reference for character stats at _______ exp (Archived)mnttlrg64/29/2012
Running Away! (Archived)mnttlrg34/24/2012
Armor Attributes Mechanics (Archived)zombero44/13/2012
The greatest RPG on nes (Archived)
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My Wizard refuses to increase HP (Archived)Peter_1953/26/2012
Does the Goof or Merchant help more in rare items? (Archived)mickeydsboy53/20/2012
Who should I change into a Sage? (Archived)RealmofDarkness103/19/2012
Expel spell vs. undead enemies (Archived)Daryl_Blonder23/11/2012
Question for DQ Music enthusiasts (Archived)Liamland53/10/2012
Does anyone still have a copy of 1who's hard mode hack? (Archived)
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