Favorite NES game of all time!

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5 years ago#1
This has to be my favorite NES game that made it to USA. The hidden nuances in the controls, basing it off such a great story, what more can you ask for?

Who else feels the same?
5 years ago#2
This game has a certain animal magnetism to it:

After winning it for the first time (on the physical NES, not emulated!), I played through and won it 2-3 more times in the next week.

Then I used computers to extract the great music from the first part of the dungeon, and cristened the resulting MP3, "Prepare to enter Xak Tsaroth."
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5 years ago#3
It had never occurred to me, before now, to try and obtain the soundtrack for my MP3 player. I could be working out to one of the most cromweligent composures of all time!

Great Idea! Huzzah!
5 years ago#4
Has anyone ever played Hillsfar? It raises many questions in my mind.

For example, "How sfar is that Hill?"
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5 years ago#5
A great question indeed! Hillsfar is very, very far.

You see, our heroes in Xak Tsaroth are on the planet Krynn. Hillsfar, however, is on the planet Abeir-Toril, which isn't even in the same solar system.

Hillsfar is light years away. Quite far indeed!
5 years ago#6
Perhaps they'll get there via a STURMgate, for all distance is but an illusion next to a mustache so...heroic.

Alternately the heroes just need to go to another country for a charity basketball game, then visit a strange dojo near an oddly product-placed giant PEPSI sign. Those dojos are chock-full of transdimensional doorways!
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5 years ago#7
Ah, but only Krynn has a Sturmgate (patent pending). Abeir-Toril has a Fargate, which, due to licensing and royalty issues, is not compatible. Even medieval fantasy worlds have lawyers. I believe it's a specialty in the sorcerer class.

Unfortunately, inter-planetary travel will require Spelljammer. And NOBODY wants to involve Spelljammer in this. Or anything else, for that matter.
5 years ago#8
If there's anything more Heroic than a Spelljammer, I don't know what it is:

Atmosphere clinging to the ship by cubic ton, beholders involved in racial civil wars, and horrible morey-spider-beasts = Huzzah!

But beware...for a starfreighter of naked dwarves could shin-kick an entire Fleet out of the air before you can press down + left + B!
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5 years ago#9
I beg to disagree, good sir!

Look at those ghastly ships! Mollusks! Insects! Birds! All creatures unable to grow even the barest stubble of a heroic moustache!

A manly moustache can not simply be carved on the helm of your ship, like a trident or half naked mermaid! It must be grown naturally, and groomed with high quality moustache was and combs!

I say to thee, these "ships" are lesser than empty kegs of gully dwarf ale, not even fit for Sturm to dispose of his empty MJ bottles within!
5 years ago#10
Gadzooks! My poorly-worded assertion has come under attack, like unto a broadside from a space-faring galleon's allotment of light catapults! I shall yield on several points -- and yet point out a few potent ponderables:

I should have said that spelljammING -- the act of sailing through deep space on a magically-propelled boat -- is an Heroic thing to do...thus allowing for mustachioed captains to make their own ship truly Sturm-Esque (perhaps by being Sturm themselves?)

And verily, it would appear that many of the yachters of a space-faring variety, even (or especially?) the alien ones, try to follow the acme of masculinity that dwells with "100% In Lair" 'pon Sturm's upper lip:

Indeed, what are the Mindflayer's four brain-extracting face tentacles but an cephalopod attempt to mimic a mustache?

And consider the humble Eye Tyrant: were it to float upside-down, mightn't its crown of antenna be mistaken for a waving medusa-like forest of lip follicles? Of course, their eyestalk's individual ability to fire out Death Ray, Charm Person, Charm Monster, etc from its strands of faux-mustache might strike one as strange at first...but is it really so different from Sturm's facial decor, with its 30'-radius-effect of CHARM EVERYTHING?
oMANuSETme/\ - "oh man, you set me up!"

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