Again I Ask, What To Do With A SEALED COPY?

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5 years ago#1
So, after a memorial day weekend that can only be called PURE AWESOMENESS, I'm faced with a, albeit happy, problem.

I was cruising the local dirt mall (flea market) on Saturday, and 'lo and behold, what do I find, but a copy of HotL, in the box, seal never broken. The seller wanted a mere $20 USD for this gem, and I was more than happy to part with such a small sum of cash. As I bask in the sheer presence of this astounding collectible, I find myself with internal turmoil.

A beauty such as this demands to be shared. This box should be the focal point of my collection, yet I have no idea how to display it. My walls are already full of crap, so a simple framing job simply will not do justice.

Can anyone think of a truly fitting way to display this apple of my eye?
5 years ago#2
I think first you should do is watch out, just in case SEAL comes to get his copy back!

After's difficult to say. However, if you ever were to open it, remember to shout "PREPARE TO ENTER XAK TSAROTH!" first.
Heroes of the Mustache
5 years ago#3
Such a comment would apply if I had SEAL'S copy.

And I would never tear open the plasticky goodness of the shrinkwrap on this box. I already have several cartridges, so I can play all I want. This sealed copy needs to be transformed somehow into a monument to AWESOMENESS.
5 years ago#4
Such a comment would apply if I had SEAL'S copy.

It would appear I was confused; and glad of it! I'd hate to be in your shoes otherwise, as the TREASURE of the cartridge would weigh heavy with the fear of getting a "Kiss by a Rose" upside the head in the form of SEAL'S fist, followed by him running away with great rapidity AND your copy of "Heroes of the Lance"! And that's a fate I would not wish on the most heinous of gully dwarf!

Perhaps, in an ideal world, you could grow a gigantic, twirling mustache...and then ensconce the boxed cartridge in the dangling braids of AWESOMENESS? But the troubles here might be twofold: aside from weight issues, it would very likely block your mouth entirely, unless the mustache had grown more than 8-10 inches long...which itself would begin to become rather un-STURM-like (and thus most HEINOUS). So you'd have to choose between featuring the cartridge prominently on the front of your head, and being able to easily swig MJ! And that, my friend, is again a choice to be avoided at all costs!

Indeed, heavy lies the head who owns Seal's copy of Heroes of the Lance!
Heroes of the Mustache
5 years ago#5
I think you may be on to something!

What if I were to but the box inside one of those plastic security cases they use at Best Buy and Staples, then go to Singapore, have them clone just my upper lip, have said lip mounted atop the case, and allow it to grow a truly heroic moustache of its own?

Would not that be a truly AWESOME display?
5 years ago#6
Indeed, that display would be AWESOMELY HEROIC!

However, one must always be wary of shady cloning businesses! It is said that just such a procedure resulted in the hundreds of HEINOUS gully dwarves which arrogantly shin-kick their way around the dungeons!

How do we know this to be the case? SIMPLICITY ITSELF: is their a being so depraved as to procreate with a gully dwarf? Yet there are many gully must be cloning!

Heroes of the Mustache
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