What a surprise...

#1MSRLPosted 6/16/2011 8:17:59 PM
For this game to be released on my birthday. Shame that I cannot play it at this but I will soon enough. How does MM5 compare to the other Mega Man games?
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#2Redmage1987Posted 6/16/2011 10:43:33 PM(edited)
Mega Man 5 is a good game, like all the Classic Mega Man Games.

It's probably the easiest classic game. The only Robot Master that will pose a threat is Charge Man. All other Robot Masters suffer the same fate as Toad Man in the fact that they are really easy if you know what to do. You can make them simply jump around or repeat the same stuff to where they can't hit you.

The weapons are decent at best. Gyro Attack is a nice weapon. Gravity Hold is fun. Charge Kick is a unique (and imo, an under rated weapon), etc. Overall I would rate the weapon set as worst or second worst in the classic series.

The music is some of my favorite, it's in my Top 3 Classic Game Soundtracks.

Despite its easy difficulty and lack of a really good weapon set, I would still recommend picking this up. Especially since it's only $5 (Or $10 if you don't already have at least 500 Points).

Also, if you want to see some gameplay, here is my Mr. Perfect Run of Mega Man 5...

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#3zuschzeroPosted 6/17/2011 5:10:14 AM
As I said in an earlier topic, I consider this game to be the weakest title in the series.
But it still Megaman, still the same mechanic, and it can't be bad. It absolutely worth buying.
The problems with MM7&8 is the mechanic and the physic got slower, but I'm sure both of the games have a better game design than MM5.
Redmage perfectly explained the things about the game.
For the light side, some musics are really good, the graphics is almost SNES quality and some of the robot master & fortress levels are well-designed. Buy it if you don't have this game already.
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#4MSRL(Topic Creator)Posted 6/17/2011 5:42:13 AM
I have MM5 now, and so far the the game is as good as the other MM games I've played so far. Looking forward to finishing this game later.

Mega Man 5 8/10
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