Curse you, Anniversary Collection!

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User Info: Evil_Sponge

5 years ago#1
For some reason that I no longer recall, I didn't like 4 when I first played it, so I never bothered to get 5 when it came out. Many years later, the Anniversary Collection appeared. As I'm sure was the case with many others I had a devil of a time getting used to the mirrored button mapping. I'd start to do well, then hit the wrong button in a clutch situation and die. I eventually got frustrated and cheated my way through the games just to unlock things.

The point being that I found 5 and 6 to be abysmal offerings to this series.

I just downloaded 5 from the Virtual Console this evening, and I'm not sure why I didn't like it before, other than the wonky controls. It was a blast, rather than a chore, to swoop through four robot masters before hanging it up for the night. A pox on ye, Anniversary Collection, for being backwards and making me think that this game was terrible!

Now I want 6 to show up on the VC so I can attempt to like that one as well. And 7, but only so I can see the ending.
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User Info: KingJames304

5 years ago#2
Should've gotten it for PS2.
Normal controls.
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