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User Info: skyrimian

4 years ago#1
I remade a couple of themes from this game and figured some of you guys might think they're cool too. Enjoy!

Wave Man:

Napalm Man:

User Info: Bucket_Mouse

4 years ago#2

User Info: NessEggman

4 years ago#3
I wouldn't say they're terrible, but I don't see anything special about them.

It sounds like you just took a midi and changed the instrumentation to instruments/voices that you like.

But, I mean, it's still MM music so it's fun to listen to either way. I mean it's not like you did a bad job at picking out the voices. But there's just not much more to it than that, as far as I can tell.

User Info: SeijinMisako

4 years ago#4
Yeah, I agree. Not good, but not bad either. I'm glad I heard them, but I wouldn't put them in my playlists (unlike the originals).
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