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Yes!! (Archived)BizarePlayer111/17 12:46PM
How I beat the game as a kid. (Archived)pablumatic19/27 10:36AM
Regenerating Health LUA script (Archived)Coontemptus19/11 8:23AM
ninja turtle trick (Archived)shy1cas17/15/2014
So is the pizza at the end of level 4 impossible to get? (Archived)
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Do you think any kids were actually able to beat this game back in the day? (Archived)
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well took me 20 years but finally beat it (Archived)MechanixleAniml44/19/2014
Beat the Dam level without losing a Turtle (Archived)Gamecube_Gamer99/6/2013
I'm looking for two specific videos. (Archived)BlueFlameBat15/28/2013
So this is the last in the NES series? Splinter becomes (SPOILERS) (Archived)shilllsing212/7/2012
Sometimes the turtles get randomly stronger.. why? (Archived)jesstival16/21/2012
Beat TMNT today - insanely difficult! (Archived)berenlazarus16/14/2012
Removed from the shop? (Archived)The Owner of FF912/24/2012
New glitch? (Archived)Blair62/1/2012
AVGN Review (Archived)BrianCraigSmith112/14/2011
i just beat this for the first time (Archived)scottydu23111/19/2011
I don't understand some of the hate this game gets (Archived)Cheesy_Pie310/25/2011
Enemy Group Information (Archived)Golden Road19/26/2011
Why does everyone complain about the electric seaweed? (Archived)triplem107519/25/2011
Single Turtle Runs w/Raph, Mikey, & Don (No Sub Weapons w/Don) (Archived)Redmage198718/30/2011
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