Dark Champion?

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7 years ago#1
Is it really playable?
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7 years ago#2
Yeah. I can't remember how to unlock him though. I think you just have to beat him but im not sure on that.
7 years ago#3
I remember trying for years when I had the game way back when, it was the only one I couldn't unlock, thicking of cracking out my sega CD but I want to make sure someone has done it and can confirm how.

I remember beating him so that didn't unlock it.
"Dokomademo...agaite yaru..!"
"No matter how far...I will fight it..!"
7 years ago#4
I have him unlocked but its been over a decade since i did that. If its not just beating him than i don't know. Maybe you have to beat it on the hardest difficulty? I know i did that too. Surely that information is somewhere on the internet.
7 years ago#5
Here you go:

7 years ago#6
cool thanks!
"Dokomademo...agaite yaru..!"
"No matter how far...I will fight it..!"
7 years ago#7
The Dark Champion is the only character I have left to unlock, without the aid of cheats.

We had a good discussion on the Eternal Champions Genesis board.. And as you can see from the past topics, with interesting ones here as well.

Anyway, if you're like me and want to unlock all the characters via no cheats?:
You have to beat the game on the hardest difficulty, while at the same time, getting a vendetta on all of your opponents..

But if I'm not mistaken, I'm sure you can't transform into all of his forms? I could be wrong? Which sucks, as his quicksand form has my favorite move, and his ice form, where he does a Phase much like Jetta, and Midknight, is to good, as if you figure when you're playing the game on the hardest difficulty, and when you beat the EC, the DC comes out, and you have to beat the DC using the EC..

Where am I going with this? On the EC's first form, he has a move where he turns invincible for about 3+ seconds.. or so one thinks.. As when the DC turns into that Ice-blue color, he can actually freeze you, even though you're suppose to be immune from all attacks..

Well its good to see more people playing this great game..
7 years ago#8
The Dark Champion has one form with set skills. Im pretty sure you can use all of the skills he uses from each form though. Like the EC, he only has 1 or 2 for each form. You can use the sand trap i think. I'll have to look. I used to have a note book with all the special moves, vendettas, combos...all kinds of info written down on each character when i was a kid. I played the bejesus out of this game and still do every now and then(kisses sega cd). Glad i took care of it.
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7 years ago#9
I did play EC-CD when I was younger, but I've really been playing it quite a bit as of late. I really wish Sega would release this on the 360, or some kind of compilation, as the game really deserves to be..

Well, I'm contemplating on whether I should use the code to unlock the DC? I kinda wanted to go through the game and unlock all of the characters without cheats.. As I've done so far, with him being the only character left to unlock.

I recently just got the long ending.. And it is quite sad to see the Glimpse into the Future part.. Just knowing that we'll most likely never see the 3rd chapter, even with all of these new 2d fighters being released in 2009.... How very sad indeed..

And as of late, I've been using the EC (his original form) a lot.. He's interesting, granted I only use his Dragon form (his 5th form when fighting the cpu) and his Shark form, along with his 1st form, as the invincibility is too good.. Unless the DC is using the one form I mentioned, than it's kinda useless!..

Let us know if you can use all of DC's other forms.. I know with the EC, to transform, just do a
Half-Circle-Forward with any button, to turn into another form, and most of the EC's attacks are performed via: A+B+C or X+Y+Z..
7 years ago#10
No you CANNOT use all of the DC's forms and that is the one thing I HATE about the game. They are obviously there but for some reason instead of splitting them up like they did EC that just gave him a set of skills and specials. You can't use the ground opening up move that swallows you whole. You can't use the quicksand move which is one of the best moves in the game....I am not sure about the ice blue move though. I mean you use some of the other cool ones like Rockslide and Firestorm and I think even the the cyclone/tornado move but who in the crap wants to turn into a big snowball that is easy to block that you can see a mile away coming versus 2 awesome quicksand moves!!??

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