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Even though NFLB archives now, this board is not completely useless (Archived)Jamaal_Charles36/9/2011
Choose what 6 teams will flip flop with the playoffs. (Archived)DoctorMiIkshake46/6/2011
My most conservative prediction ever (Archived)Odin_Edge36/5/2011
Aldon Smith will lead all rookies in sacks (Archived)Jamaal_Charles35/30/2011
My most risky prediction ever (Archived)TyrekeEvans1325/29/2011
Not only will the Falcons make the playoffs, they'll win the Owl. (Archived)MadnessHeroX55/26/2011
I'm calling it now: DA Bears will miss the playoffs. (May 18, 2011) (Archived)Walter26825/26/2011
The apocalypse will NOT happen tomorrow. (Archived)
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Calling it now Cam wins ROTY and the Panthers will shock da league (Archived)BigMadden35/21/2011
Nnamdi Asomugha will be a Dallas Cowboy (Archived)BPP42045/20/2011
The NFC South will go down like this (Archived)ATLLEGEND2375/20/2011
Jeremy Tyler is going to be a beast in the NBA one day (Archived)rh00000115/19/2011
Eli Manning's 2010 Season True Facts (Archived)Ryan_Conner105/18/2011
Bucs and Lions will be the two NFC WCs next season (Archived)ddlkll15/18/2011
Jets will resign Braylon and Cromartie (Archived)Kain Dragoon75/17/2011
Buffalo Bills will have a better record than the Miami Dolphins (Archived)Kain Dragoon25/16/2011
Kyle Williams + Marcellus Dareus will be a better combo than Suh + Fairley (Archived)MajinSumguy9035/14/2011
Predict the Career (Archived)DoctorMiIkshake55/13/2011
Jon Baldwin is going to kick ass (Archived)Jamaal_Charles25/11/2011
Folks, we are going to have a Dallas vs. New York Superbowl (Archived)Hey_ItsShamrock35/11/2011
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