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Falcons will beat the Eagles in week 2 (Archived)Goddy_White8424/25/2011
Cowboys will have a better record than the Giants next year. (Archived)BPP42054/25/2011
Andrew Luck will not go #1 in the 2012 NFL Draft. (Archived)Whiteberry14/23/2011
Eagles fan's predictions for the 2011 season (Archived)MajinSumguy9034/22/2011
The Top 4 quarterback prospects will all be drafted by pick #25. (Archived)Sweatshirts24/20/2011
Locker will be the best QB of this draft. (Archived)frogreturn14/19/2011
Bears win at least ten or eleven games next year, make the playoffs (Archived)Man__In__Black64/15/2011
Panthers will have a top five defense next season. (Archived)
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The Colts will win the Owl in 2011-2012. (Archived)alaskanpipeline24/12/2011
Trivia question: Which is the better league, the NFL or the MLB? (Archived)Ghost234567890154/10/2011
Packers are frauds. They will not do good next season (Archived)Ryan_Conner54/8/2011
Ryan Mallett will be the best of the top QBs in this year's draft class. (Archived)CW_McGraw54/7/2011
The Dolphins will not select Marc Ingram with the 15th pick of the draft. (Archived)CW_McGraw44/2/2011
Chiefs win AFC West in 2011 (Archived)Jamaal_Charles23/31/2011
2011 NFC South Champions Tampa Bay Bucaneers (Archived)mew4ever23/29/2011
*OFFICIAL* NFLB Fantasy Draft (Round 22) (Archived)DoctorMiIkshake73/28/2011
Vernon Gholston will be alright if he goes to a 4-3 scheme. (Archived)prince_eIiwood103/28/2011
Falcons-Ravens SB (Archived)
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SSR log and discussion topic 2010 (Archived)
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Lord Grahf373/5/2011
This board is in second place among games for Sega CD (Archived)
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