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The Chiefs will win their last three games (Archived)Jamaal_Charles61/15/2011
Seahawks @ Bears account bets (Archived)The_Kupo21/9/2011
NFLB's Wild Card Predictions (Archived)Jamaal_Charles31/8/2011
Fred Jackson will get traded to the Patriots this offseason (Archived)waterboy07811/4/2011
The Eagles will get the #2 seed in the NFC (Archived)BlueMenace8451/3/2011
Proto lost his account bet (Archived)Allanon2321/2/2011
Playoffs. (Predicted pre week 17) (Archived)Tuxepoc212/30/2010
Jim Schwartz will be considered a top 10 coach by the end of the next NFL season (Archived)Heyitsan_alt112/21/2010
The Bears will beat the Eagles. LOCK IT UP (Archived)kronikk212/11/2010
Mark Sanchez will catch a pass from Brad Smith before the end of the season. (Archived)Pondos412/11/2010
AFC and NFC championship matchups (Archived)Jamaal_Charles412/6/2010
Posting my revised week 7 computer rankings on this archive board... (Archived)sextronbot811/27/2010
The completion of the CBA will be formally announced at the Super Bowl. (Archived)bd43211/25/2010
James-Maleek account bet (Archived)Jamaal_Charles511/16/2010
Aaron Curry will not last with the Seahawks through his rookie contract. (Archived)EpicBeardDude211/15/2010
NFL Playoff Predictions, Week 10! (Archived)40o_is_baaaaack311/13/2010
The Head Coach of the 2011 Dallas Cowboys will be... (Archived)Aoke_Jccount411/11/2010
all_that_juice fails (Archived)HeathIntellect211/10/2010
Kirby's Power Rankings: Logs (Archived)Kirby211/10/2010
Aaron Curry will be traded by the end of the offseason. (Archived)EpicBeardDude211/6/2010
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