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Sam Bradford is the NEXTMAN. (Archived)TroyAikman8311/4/2010
Superbowl prediction topic (Archived)The_Kupo510/31/2010
Tony Romo will win Comeback PLayer of the Year in 2011 (Archived)Pondos110/31/2010
WR Mike Williams will surpass his career statistics total this season. (Archived)
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Updated LOLs for season (Archived)BigMadden110/25/2010
Mike Singletary will get fired by Week 5 (Archived)O_OO_oo_OO_O210/21/2010
The 49ers will go 0-16 this season. (Archived)
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panthers will be a wildcard team this season or I close all my accounts (Archived)RobertBrooks87910/12/2010
Before the season ends, Lord Grahf will explode (Archived)VampireHeath410/8/2010
The Bungals are finishing 3rd in the division (Archived)Flacco_75510/5/2010
The San Francisco 49ers will not make the playoffs this season. (Archived)EpicBeardDude810/4/2010
49ers will draft Luck #1 Overall (Archived)O_OO_oo_OO_O210/4/2010
Ahmad Bradshaw makes the probowl (Archived)MajinSumguy90310/2/2010
No more Trolling (Archived)GreenBayCeltics19/30/2010
Bears will beat the Cowboys. (Archived)JohnnyShred61279/28/2010
Take a good look. You'll never see bigger frauds on national TV like tonight. (Archived)Lord Grahf69/27/2010
The Packers won't make the playoffs. (Archived)ProtoPiranha29/27/2010
Kirby's bold predictions of the week: Week 3 (Archived)Kirby49/26/2010
With both teams 0-2, the Rams will win before the Bills. (Archived)accessgranter29/26/2010
Why does everyone always hate on me? (Archived)TyrekeEvans1329/23/2010
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