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TJ Ward will be a top 10 safety (Archived)Pine2229/22/2010
Seneca Wallace's Playoff Predictions after 2 weeks (Archived)Seneca_Wallace_29/21/2010
Clay Matthews III will win a DPotY award before he retires (Archived)Allanon2349/19/2010
Fearless Frog has risen to become the best poster on the NFLB (Archived)TyrekeEvans1349/19/2010
Suckhawks will go 6-10 (Archived)Zonbi_no_Maou49/19/2010
End of season predictions (Archived)GreenBayCeltics69/19/2010
Vikings going to the Super Bowl. (Archived)Dim_One29/19/2010
My lock it ups of the year (Archived)
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If the Bengals make SuperBowl I close this account. (Archived)thesanchize39/15/2010
Jaguars will not be last in the AFC South (Archived)Deathsai200019/14/2010
Texans win the division and get to the AFC Championship game. (Archived)chaotic_midget19/14/2010
Congrats, you all get to put up with me for the rest of your NFLB lives! (Archived)Jamaal_Charles19/14/2010
Jamaal Charles for 1750 yards minimum (Archived)frogreturns39/13/2010
My Lock-Down, Controversial Predictions of the Year (Archived)UGotRPKd59/12/2010
lock these up (colts > falcons), all my predictions (Archived)lemondrop749/12/2010
My 2010 season predictions, LOCK IT UPP. (Archived)BiG_Cthulhu49/12/2010
Hi guys. (Archived)Partisan_Hack29/11/2010
__God_Tebow__ says he'll eat a dick if the Jets don't win the AFC East (Archived)frogreturn29/8/2010
Eagles season predictions (Archived)BiG_Cthulhu39/7/2010
Ronnie Brown makes it through the season, 1200 yards, 10 TDs (Archived)RonnieBrown201019/7/2010
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