This game should have been on Sega Genesis.

#1MonarchPaulosPosted 4/10/2012 12:28:16 AM
For it being so sacred, of course I personally dislike Phantasy Star I's difficulty ... and I know I may get flamed for that, but it's because ... it's so long, in depth with certain things and so freaking confusing at times not to mention you never see your characters attack, and those maps man... phew, well nothing was worse than Phantasy Star II maps. Still, LONG LIVE ALIS LANDLE!
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#2GhetsisPosted 4/11/2012 9:44:58 AM
It was.
I love Ragnarok Online.
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#3StretchyFAQPosted 4/11/2012 3:49:30 PM
It was also remade onto the PS2.
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