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4 years ago#1
I've now played through this game several times. I just got done a playthrough, as I got it in Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection for PS3. The Sandworm method is undoubtedly the fastest at higher levels. I do take advantage of the Fishmen early in the game though, until Lutz learns "Wind".

It goes in this order:

1. Sandworms west of Uzo
2. Zombies in Gauron Morgue
3. Fishmen near Camineet

The Zombies in Guaron Morgue travel in packs of 4 for 80 XP possible. That's more than you can get from Sandworms (60) or Fishmen (55). But... that jaw-drop attack they do takes a long time. Plus their high agility makes them able to get that attack in early & often, before you can kill them. The nearest town to heal is a hike away.

Still, that method proved better than the Fishmen. I see others rave about this method, but it didn't work out well for me. They only give 11 XP. While their HP is almost half that of Sandworms, it still takes the same amount of rounds to kill 4-5 of them as it does 3 Sandworms. And I often found myself only fighting 1-2 of them for a measely 11-22 XP. Even with a town to heal right around the corner, the Zombie/Morgue method worked out better.

Sandworms... the fights go by very quick, they attack quickly. Low agility, I can usually smoke 1-2 before they can attack. Rarely do I face 1... not nearly as much as I was facing 1-2 Fishmen. Even when I fight Shellfish instead (rarely) they give 16 XP/each and die quickly, so it's not much of a loss. I drew Sandworms about 85% of the time.

I've now played through this game 4 times, and each time tested all 3 methods. The results were the same every time. This isn't based on just 1, subjective sample. Sandworms are the way to go. And if you're trying to gather meseta as well (Diamond Armor), then it tips the scales even more in their favor.
4 years ago#2
Nice work on the research :) I've always known that Sandworms were the best for Mesetas but I never thought to use them for experience, then again, I've never felt the need to grind experience, only money.
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4 years ago#3
Between the sandworms and the barbarians I found farming outside of Uzo to be the best. Especially to grind the meseta required to pick up the diamond armor there on my first visit!
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4 years ago#4
I've always grinded on the Fishmen, they always give boat loads of exp. ~ Aurica
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4 years ago#5
Right outside of the Air Castle there's a house with a "Serpent?" in it. I forget if that's the monster, but it's in that group. I think I remember it giving 23 XP. And the fights go by very quickly, 1 round, and there's no treasure chest. Right after the fight you can walk in the house again, rinse... repeat.

I think this method is even faster than the Sandworms... in the short term. The problem is, once you run out of resources, going back to a town to heal then sifting your way back through Baya Malay again is a nightmare. So you can only make use of it for a limited time... and stop before you feel you've drained your resources too low to tackle Lassic.

If using an emulator that can take advantage of frame-skipping (cheating)... then the Zombies @ Guaron Morgue method becomes the best. Then the fights no longer take forever, and you roll off 40/60/80 XP like clockwork.
4 years ago#6
I've heard of people using the serpent method, but I think if you're strong enough to make it to the air castle then you should be strong enough to finish the game. But if you're just trying to level cap, then I think the serpent in the air castle would be the fastest.
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4 years ago#7
I remember hunting fishmen when i was little because I wanted that diamond armor
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