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Sign here if you like this game (Archived)crazyisgood109/18/2010
Hunh?! Hovercraft? (Archived)
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readd to my favorite boards (Archived)crazyisgood27/24/2010
People say this is a great RPG, but I found it really boring. (Archived)
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So I May Start To Play This Game For The First Time. (Archived)_TheDoctor_96/9/2010
I for one am glad this isn't the remake. (Archived)84Mantines15/12/2010
About the Governor... (Spoilers) (Archived)Deep_Crow34/24/2010
Rate the character day one: Alis (Archived)MetaDeDeDe63/22/2010
This was better than Phantasy Star II (Archived)Nick__C53/22/2010
Rate the character day two: Myau (Archived)MetaDeDeDe43/21/2010
Rate the character day three: Odin (Archived)MetaDeDeDe33/21/2010
Rate the character day four: Noah (Archived)MetaDeDeDe63/21/2010
How do you pronounce Myau? (Archived)Deep_Crow103/3/2010
Iala Cave (and a wall of text) (Archived)Stepswordsman93/2/2010
I think I saw a mistake with this game or at least with the GBA version*SPOILER* (Archived)MACisBack42/24/2010
So what's everyone's thoughts on the series? (Archived)
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This game is TOTAL ADVENTURE ROLE PLAYING (Archived)McKillington112/26/2009
Am I drawing my maps correctly? (Archived)
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Closed Space Port? (Archived)rtluck75312/25/2009
A question about Alis, and the Final Boss Battle. (Archived)Fiendish666512/23/2009
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