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8 years ago#1
I already have a cute butt actually, but I couldn't think of a better title ^_~

I really need to grow some arm muscle. I can like, do 10 to 15 push ups before it starts to hurt. So yeah, pretty weak eh?

I also need to become more limber(?), a few years ago I could like touch my toes and the floor and stuff, now it's really hard and I can't do it anymore. So that means stretching :o

Yep. My schedule will be like this.

1+ push up a day, so in let's say 100 days, I should be able to do a 100 push ups ;D

And stretching too, so I can touch the floor again, preferably with more than just the tip of my fingers.

Starting tomorrow morning with my first push up!!!
8 years ago#2
*roots for Kage*
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8 years ago#3
you know what makes you really strong? Doing a push up, and going down in a 4 second timespan, holding it for one second, and then going up again in one second. It's really, REALLY tough ;p
Tjuk Norris: Scandinavian equivalent
8 years ago#4
OMG Chuck Norris is giving me advice ;D

I'll try to do the slow push ups tomorrow morning. 3 of them.
8 years ago#5
Kage is a fatty
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8 years ago#6
So I did 7 Chuck Norris style push ups.

But I could already do that many. Still not touching toes. But I'm getting there slowly.
8 years ago#7
I needz to do 11 today. But I can't be bothered right now. Maybe later.
8 years ago#8
Oh snap. 14 was hard. I wonder if I can do 15 today.

Bayonetta :o
8 years ago#9
I'm 3 pushups behind because it was so freaking hot >_>
Bayonetta :o
8 years ago#10
Pff, I just did 20 push ups. And I totally could have kept going for like 5 or ten more. I haven't done any in like a year. Booyah!
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