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How do I shot web? (Archived)TableFlip17/22 6:51AM
I'll take this board if you don't mind. (Archived)TheSpiderSense511/20/2013
I don't remember Spidey and The Thing being so antagonistic. (Archived)AnUndesirable15/3/2011
That wasn't rearlly surprising. >_> (USM spoilers) (Archived)AnUndesirable14/14/2011
J.K. Simmons is voicing Jonah in the USM cartoon. :O (Archived)AnUndesirable13/29/2011
JJJ is a dick. (Archived)AnUndesirable13/17/2011
Has there been a grimdark TDKR style Spider-comic? (Archived)AnUndesirable13/5/2011
Soooo (Archived)AnUndesirable12/20/2011
Yes, you'll totally be able to fool the people at the superintelligent think tan (Archived)AnUndesirable12/8/2011
It's sorta lame that Bendis and Bagley replaced Lee and Kirby for longest stint. (Archived)AnUndesirable11/28/2011
Wow, Tom Brennan was a total **** to Tom Brevoort in the lettercol. (Archived)AnUndesirable11/14/2011
"It's how I do my best work! In the buff!" (Archived)AnUndesirable31/2/2011
Ooooh invisible. (Archived)AnUndesirable112/17/2010
Man, that new costume in the ads looks really lame. (Archived)AnUndesirable112/5/2010
I liked Spider-Girl. (Archived)AnUndesirable111/21/2010
I'd say Rage of the Rhino and Endangered Species were my fav story lines of BND. (Archived)AnUndesirable211/7/2010
Peter is certainly efficient when he's pissed. (Archived)AnUndesirable110/24/2010
Baby goblin thing! (Archived)AnUndesirable310/13/2010
I didn't. (Archived)ADesirableNun19/17/2010
I am thinking about looking at some of the other Spider-Man titles. (Archived)AnUndesirable19/5/2010
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