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#10Kazekami0Posted 9/30/2009 1:53:25 PM
Hey guys so I got this game through a Really Odd Method and was wondering if hard patching was my only choice? I would love just to soft patch it since I am more familiar with that. If hard patching is the only option can someone give me some instructions since I am failing hard at doing it?
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#2freescoringPosted 10/1/2009 8:02:26 AM
i patched by game using SNESTOOL.exe but you should be able to patch the game using byuu's UPS patcher. The readme has pretty clear instructions


This patch file is distributed in UPS format. You will need a UPS patcher
to use it. byuu has released UPS patchers built for Linux and Windows at
his Web site The patcher is open source, and it should be
easy for someone to prepare an OS X-based patcher.

Start UPS and select your Der Langrisser V1.1 (J) ROM as the Input File. It
must have a file size of 2,097,152 bytes. If you have a different file size,
it means your ROM has a header. If you do not remove the header, then the
patch cannot be applied.

Output File can be any file you wish to write to. You must select the
supplied file as your Patch File. Click "Apply" and your translated
copy of Der Langrisser will be created.
#30Kazekami0(Topic Creator)Posted 10/1/2009 6:52:11 PM
Thanks dude.
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Rsteube, what you are doing is trolling...-Sigurd_Koopa
I love irony.
#4freescoringPosted 10/2/2009 7:34:10 AM
SNESTOOL.exe has a function to remove header