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Japanese or original US version? (Archived)CranberryPSO23/8/2010
So, this is final fantasy IV? (Archived)Furio33/8/2010
About to start his. Tips? Things to look out for? (Archived)Becca62/26/2010
This cracks me up. *Spoilers... haha* (Archived)Becca32/26/2010
Low Level Game? (Archived)I_Am_Rust_Man32/22/2010
Hardest boss in your opinion? (spoilers) (Archived)
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most sexist FF? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
Who to steal Light/Lunar Curtains from? (Archived)WhatTheFuzz72/9/2010
Final Fantasy IV or II? (Archived)RedLink4382/4/2010
This board is dying huh? (Archived)marthogly21/31/2010
Character Battle reminders (Archived)tooweak91/21/2010
Cecil's Final Stats (Archived)CyclonicWinds11/20/2010
No Porom or Palom in top ten? (Archived)Beadysea31/9/2010
I'm doing a Speed Run of Final Fantasy IV today. 1st Update. **Spoilers** (Archived)Rain6152212/25/2009
ok, can someone just tell me the truth lol ? (Archived)psyduck151712/23/2009
Character switching at the end (plot spoilers) (Archived)
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what console version of ff4 should i play? (Archived)smallfry108512/12/2009
I'm stuck mid-game at a point. Here's My stats. Should I start over? (spoil) (Archived)lonlonmilklover712/10/2009
Low Level + No Items (Other than weapons) Game possible? (Archived)The_Second_Ike812/8/2009
(Spoiler Warning) Can't Sneak from Last Boss (Archived)kompik412/7/2009
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