Glitches and Stories.

10 years ago#1
I surpassed the minimum of 20 military units.

Playing as Philip II, and after subduing England, Germany, Spain and Italy, I got all of those state's Economy, Farming and defense stats maxed out, as well as the limit in the number of troop units. My sons ruled most if not all of the states. Their policies were balanced, except with a Quality or Quantity for troop recruitment. One day I noticed that one of them could hold more than 20 military units. I went to hire mercenaries and it let me bring in more troops. So I had Germany, Spain and Italy all containing 40 military units. I had been ruling those states for a few generations prior to this. It could be the matter of time, the faction, the stats, the fact that they were ruled by family, or all of the above. Or none of the above.

You can reproduce Mongolian characters, such as Kublai, Tului, Ugudei, Jagatai. I forget if you can do this with Joti as well. Play as any ruler and name one of them these names and you will get their face. The stats they receive are relative to the ruler.

Next are a couple of stories involving the plague.

One time, India had received the plague, and then again the next turn as well as a couple of states to the north of it. I just assumed at this point that it was the two-hit plague that the game does. But in the next turn the plague swept through most of Asia! Imagine most of Asia covered in that blue plague color. Several governors were inflicted as well as a few advisers. And the states were decimated. The next few turns consisted of governor deaths, revolts, independences declared, followed by invasions. It was the most military action I'd seen take place in the game in that time frame. It was really chaotic. Luckily, I was in Europe.

I cringe a bit every time I see that plague screen, especially after what happened in that Asian example. I almost feel sorry for my worst enemies when they're hit by it. And I wonder how bad the damages will be every time it hits. A couple of times the plague has come to my home state and has killed multiple family members. Twice in the game I've lost wives. What's really interesting is spending time with family afterwards. They'll ask something like "Where is mother?" I try to stock up on Medicine as soon as possible while first playing a game. I give thousands of it through the hand-out specialty command. It usually stops the two-hit plague and cures any family illnesses.
10 years ago#2
*reads about the plague, and cries* ;.;

I didn't realise that giving Medicine could help to limit the plague -- but it certainly makes sense. ^.^;;
Thank you, and I'll try this when it arises in future games.

In your Asia game, it looks like the Black Death arrived a century early ;.;
kawaiifan, happy to be back on her old account ^.^
10 years ago#3
No purge please ^.^;;
kawaiifan, happy to be back on her old account ^.^
10 years ago#4
*sees the purge approaching, and sends some Mongols to fight it off* ^.^
kawaiifan, happy to be back on her old account ^.^
10 years ago#5
... followed by some Samurai units ^.^
kawaiifan, happy to be back on her old account ^.^
10 years ago#6
Have you noticed the over-the-limit of 20 military units? I think I forgot to mention to set the state to have the ability to hire troops. I'm still not sure if it matters if you're sons are ruling.

The Black Death did come a century early. It's interesting how they had it originate in India.

Have you tried using Medicine on your states (and family) when the plague hits, and see that it helps?
10 years ago#7
I'm afraid I haven't had time to play recently, sorry ;.;
but thank you for the information ^.^
kawaiifan, happy to be back on her old account ^.^
10 years ago#8
I wonder if there's a way to make the Genghis Khan II ROM playable over the internet. The human element in strategy games is so much fun. And it's a lot of fun having 2-player Koei sessions. I've never played the ROM.
10 years ago#9
I've heard that some emulators support play over the 'net; but I've never tried it, so I don't know anything about how well (or even whether) it works, sorry ^.^;
kawaiifan, happy to be back on her old account ^.^
10 years ago#10
it is possible to play that (and any old multiplayer snes game) online, you just need to find someone with znes ... (the more uh, reliable network version) and a friend/whoever with the same version of the rom.


(easiest way to do this is to just send whoever you're playing your version of the rom so it can't possibly be different.)


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