Anyone Still Here ?

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4 years ago#41
*looks around* >.> <.<
cuteness ^.^
4 years ago#42
I love the power glove. It's so bad. How bad? Real bad. It's a 12.0 on the 10.0 scale of badness.
4 years ago#43
Hello there.
4 years ago#44
Hi RyanWilliammz and guwa *waves hello* ^.^/
kawaiifan misses her gfaqs9 ;.;
4 years ago#45
I'm happy to see you ^.^/
kawaiifan misses her gfaqs9 ;.;
4 years ago#46
*bakes cookies, and shares* OO<(^.^<)
kawaiifan misses her gfaqs9 ;.;
4 years ago#47
Hi kawaiifan, thank you for the cookies.
Cogito Ergo Cogito
4 years ago#48
Have you ever play Genghis Khan II until year 1796 using Capetian Kingdom?
If you do; then saves in year 1796 and rename your ruler: Napoleon.
Then hexedit your file "main.exe" and find the artillery unit attribute, change the value of range attack into "A", and change the value of morale into 80.
Then recruited knights and artillery units!
Watch your artillery blasted off your enemies into great confusion and lots casualites, just like French artillery at Napoleonic Wars.
Start your KOEI L'Empereur within KOEI Genghis Khan II !!
4 years ago#49
So that's the story...
While Napoleon and Lannes and Marmont artillery shooting and blasting off the enemies;
then Murat and Bessieres and Ney charged in and bring fatal blow to the confused horrified enemies.

That is the story of war between Capetian Kingdom versus Dido Empire.

Well, that's amusing.
4 years ago#50
Hi Evthean and Cao_Bao ^.^/

Hi kawaiifan, thank you for the cookies.

You're welcome *huggles and smiles* <(^.^<)
kawaiifan misses her gfaqs9 ;.;

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