Perfect runs.

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4 years ago#1
Here's Spring Breeze already:

Now here's the plan for each game:
*Dyna Blade
Per stage basis. I don't think there will be too many problems.

*Great Cave Offensive
Ho boy. This is going to be a pain. Not only will I need abilities for treasure hunting, but I will need to deal with each of the four segments being lengthy. Practice runs are going to be needed.

*Revenge of Meta Knight
Going to be done by chapter. I did some practice runs of this. From what I saw, most of the problems stem from duo bosses. The exception is Chapter 7, where both Meta Knight himself AND his cronies aren't going to be nice. That will definitely need practice runs, though I have been getting some done.

*Milky Way Wishes
Per planet basis; I am thinking of just going for each boss since I already want to avoid unnecessary ability usage, and have getting abilities be on the side.

How does that sound?
Master Knight DH at your service.
4 years ago#2
Make it happen how you need to.
~ The Sage of Shadow ~
4 years ago#3
Dyna Blade stage 1 uploaded.
Master Knight DH at your service.
4 years ago#4
DB Stage 2
DB Stage 3
DB Stage 4
DB Stage 5
Master Knight DH at your service.

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