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Chameleo Arm? (Archived)SSBMaster11310/5/2010
Heavy Lobster (Archived)Rhetticus39/22/2010
Odd glitch. *spoilers* (Archived)giga mario39/14/2010
Yo yo question (Archived)Spindow28/29/2010
I hate helpers (Archived)iron_defense47/31/2010
Finally at last! You can play the original game instead of the godawful DS port! (Archived)
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Which game on this is the best? (Archived)STN7986/28/2010
Do you get anything for getting 100% (Archived)Kong00026/25/2010
So is this a remake of the SNES version or the same game but just tweaked ? (Archived)Davv11136/1/2010
To all those who said it would never come out or have been waiting.... (Archived)knucklessonic855/29/2010
I gotta say I wasn't expecting this game, at least anytime soon. (Archived)BlueFlameBat35/23/2010
What has become of.... (SPOILERS) (Archived)Nintenating45/23/2010
kirby super star is finally on the american wii virtual console today (Archived)heerogunkenobi45/20/2010
Is it just me... (Archived)jakestar030625/20/2010
Please do tell me when this comes out on VC. (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz25/17/2010
Finished my LP of KSS. Just watch and enjoy. (Archived)_Raich_35/2/2010
Zero....THREE!! (Archived)Numbuh10014/12/2010
I've been doing a LP of this game for awhile. (Archived)_Raich_22/1/2010
How exactly does Kirby lose his powers in this game? (Archived)ND_200911/6/2010
Are the special Stone transformations more common in the Arena? (Archived)Etheos11/5/2010
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