I loved this game growing up

#1Jorthiros of FydranPosted 9/5/2009 2:06:18 AM
Way back in 1994, me and my mother were shopping at the Mall for my brother's birthday, and since my brother was turning four, my mother wanted a way for him to enjoy at least one kind of game we could enjoy together, be it a board game, card game, or whatever. After checking the inventory at the Kaybee Toy Store, I noticed this game was a two player game, and the cover looked neat enough, so my mother picked the game up.

It was one of the gems I have never failed to smile over while playing, or when the game comes up in conversation. From time to time, I'll play this game on the Wii, just to hear the awesome music of this game. I only wish Konami had brought out the other games of this series, and I wonder if anymore games are being developed for the series. If so, I'd like to know!
Have fun boys and girls.