Why is the super bomb not there?

#1MawfawkaPosted 5/10/2008 12:48:19 PM
I've beaten this game at least 40 times over the years since it first came out, and i am doing the minimalist quest this time. I have all the crystals, and beaten ganon's tower. I need the silver arrows to finish, but for some reason the big orange bomb is still not available in the bomb shop, does anyone know why? I still have my green tunic, and level 2 sword (master sword untempered), also i allowed my shield to be eaten to increase the challenge
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read before your write:

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Ok, well since that link didnt answer my question at all let me make the question more direct. I want to fight ganon with the level 2 sword and its apparently possible. Now do i need to use a glitch to accomplish this, or is it possible some other way.
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sure it does. you need to brush up on your reading skills.
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From the link assassin17 provided:

F. "I've tried using bombs on the big crack at the Pyramid of Power, but it won't break open. Is it even possible to break it?"
Yes, but you need the Super Bomb. It's sold at Link's house in Dark World, but only after you've completed the Ice Palace, Misery Mire, and have saved the Smithy's partner.

So yes, that answers your question.
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assassin DID help answer ur 1st question by giving u that link, i think u shouldnt be flaming him like that.
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Who said you have to temper your sword?
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golly, for somebody incapable of reading, Mawfawka sure writes a lot. it's funny to see how your righteous indignation is inversely proportional to your literacy. maybe when you're done posting here, you can go screech at a STOP sign because you thought it was confusing and needlessly bold. it should really have "stop" in lowercase letters, lest it hurt your feelings. and it shouldn't be red, because red provokes tantrums.
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Honestly, I thought you might be having issues with the smithy's partner, but I didn't address it because you didn't mention it, and I didn't want to treat you like a moron.

As ChrisTurk said, you don't need to temper your sword to rescue the smithy's partner, just get him back to the shop. The only real reason the game makes you do this is to keep you from letting more than one "thing" (Zelda, Old Man, Monkey, Smithy's Partner, Super Bomb, Locked Chest) can follow you. The game has issues with more than one thing following you, and this was the easiest way to prevent a Smithy-Bomb conga line.

On another note, I find the wall of text you put up makes you out to be one of the very "elitists" you accused assassin and I of being. YOMV.
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