This game is so awesome!

#1D-SovereigntyPosted 4/28/2008 8:25:30 PM

So many people hate this game, More have never even heard of it. They say the character is annoying and the game is really hard... well that last part is true.

But for me this is 1 of my favorite games of all time. The annoying sounds the character makes is what I found funny and awesome, he is just some skinny nerd guy, The way he walks is hilarious too. No matter how hard this game was it was still extremely fun.

I just remember renting this game over and over and playing it non stop. It was just 1 of thos games that stood out to me, Hopefully it will hit the virtual console in the future.

Anyways I was just wondering is there anyone out there besides me who actually liked this game? I havent seen many positive opinions of it.