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Ancient Cave Diary (I'll probably end up spoiling everything...) (Archived)
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Just picked up a nearly perfect copy of Lufia II with the box & manual (Archived)
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NEW AC CHALLENGE: Speed Run (Archived)TACTICS RULES95/23/2012
Lufia II Block Puzzle game (Archived)cippyboy55/16/2012
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Most important spells for the Ancient Cave? (Archived)
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Are the only blue chest items that can be found outside of the AC... (Archived)Yes_Man_Junior64/20/2012
Good potential. Terrible game. (Archived)
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One of my favorite things about this game so far... (Archived)
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Quick question on the Rings (Archived)Yes_Man_Junior103/28/2012
Thoughts on the Multi Sword? (Archived)Yes_Man_Junior103/28/2012
has anyone ever beat this game without a FAQ? (Archived)
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Monster list by area? (Archived)
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Great start to the Ancient Cave... (Archived)zhao_jon13/19/2012