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How come Raiden's "grab and shock" move only works on 2 player? (Archived)HeroFromKrypton16/24/2012
who does this friendship? (Archived)friendlydude310/19/2011
Who do you think is more skilled, hotter, and sexier? Scorp or Sub? (Archived)-Raven15/5/2011
Who is Ermac? (Archived)opiumized34/21/2011
just beat this game... (Archived)ssj5goku200513/30/2011
I've never beaten this game... (Archived)InfiniteRebirth112/27/2010
mastered fatalities ( spiolers i guess,kinda) <--ANSWERS to this topic. (Archived)ICanHearTheHead15/1/2010
And for people having trouble with Kintaro morph fatality (Archived)ICanHearTheHead15/1/2010
For the person having trouble with Kintaro... (Archived)ICanHearTheHead15/1/2010
i love the way you get hurt. (Archived)xion122/22/2010
Kintaro's just INSANE! (Archived)Final_Rocker9922/14/2010
how do u do the decapitation fatality for baraka? (Archived)joemac413021/24/2010
favorit fatality of mk ii. (Archived)corey_over111/12/2009
Jumping trick only way to consistently win (Archived)holyabdul110/22/2009
Shame this was watered down, iirc. (Archived)metalcasket110/10/2009
In response to, "Is it just me or is this game really hard?" (Archived)mark_198257/22/2009
Is it just me or is this game really hard? (Archived)Slightly_Emo25/23/2009
Mortal Kombat vs Mortal Kombat II (Archived)crazyisgood35/14/2009
couple questions.... (Archived)GreenThunder42054/27/2009
Possible Hack/pirated ROM, involves playable Noob, Jade and Smoke (Archived)snark24/16/2009
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