The best beat-em-up you've never played

#1carlmarksguyPosted 1/30/2012 5:29:52 AM
This is quite a good beat-em-up, of all the "off-brand/lesser-known" beat-em-ups. It has a lot of good features, but its best features include:

-two different kinds of attacks, not just Punch, Jump-kick, Special -- you have Weapon, Punch, Jump-kick, Special... where Weapon is slower but stronger, and Punch is the standard 4-hit knockdown kind of thing.

-the fact that each boss has a "weakness" -- an attack they're bad at counteracting. For some its jump-kicks, for some its throws, for some its regular attack, for some its tossing henchmen into them, etc. Its not your standard "every boss must be jump-kicked and you get hit a lot no matter what" set-up.

And it has most of the features that the better SNES beat-em-ups have:

-2 player simultaneous

-the standard "average, fast and weak, slow and strong" characters

-throwing enemies into other enemies knock them down

-only 8-10ish different low-level enemies (like all beat-em-ups), but the palette-swaps on all of 'em gives it a little more variety.

-not-too-difficult-to-avoid traps (which gives the levels and terrain some variety)

-it has a pretty neat "space shooter" level (where you ride on a giant cat-dragon(?) and fly through the air), which is kind of fun but not so difficult it soaks up your limited lives.