Griffin Helm!

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8 years ago#1
Man how long does it take to kill these? I alternate between screen one and two. Ive leveled over 6 times from 47-53. Ive only seen two chests! chocolate/doom

I even tried save states and reloading but I never got it despite alternating between chocolate and doom.
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8 years ago#2
and yes I am killing the griffin feet things.
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8 years ago#3
Info given by celesdestiny regarding drops:

- There is always a common and a rare treasure, consisting of two of the following: Item, GP, equipment, weapon orb (the orb becomes a candy if no more orbs of that type can be obtained)

- There are 0-3 traps within the table, notice that mimic box and shadow zero are considered as traps

If a treasure is on screen:

1. Checks if the enemy has a trap within its loot table, otherwise proceed to 4.
2. Checks for the Lv of the char who opens it. If it is at least 3 levels higher than the enemy's, no treasure will appear - the higher your Lv, the less it will be a trap
3. If there are different traps on the table, one is chosen randomly
4. If there are no traps or you are lucky enough, the item is rolled (probabilities always: common 88%, rare 12%)

Now how I found the Griffin Helm is that I kept the boy dead throughout most of the game...he was level 17 when I got to the Pure Land. After finding a chest drop from the enemy I would scan to remove the odds of it being a trap, then would save state and revive the boy to have him open the chest.

This process still took me many tries to get the helm. My advice would be that if you are not too high of a level, to just keep trying and don't level too much or you will loose your chance.
8 years ago#4
how do I find out what level monsters are? I have a party of level 50's am I screwed?
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8 years ago#5
Wow your amazing advice helped me fast!

Thank you!

I just merely reloaded my hard save(at 46) and entered the first room of three griffin hands with earth slide selected. Save State

Killed room until a guy dropped a chest. Then I saved, anaylzed, ok, save again and first chest had my griffin helm!
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8 years ago#6
I've played through SoM numerous times and have never had a problem finding a Griffin Helm at all. Of course, I usually spent a lot of time leveling up my characters in Pure Land.
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8 years ago#7
You're welcome. Congrats.

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